I wanted to create a thread where we can hear your ideas for future themes and expansion packs! I know we have seen them pop up here and also on FB, but we are trying to coral the information so we can come back to it and reference it.

So, have at it. What are ideas for themes or expansion packs you would like to see in future Bam Box? Please indicate if you are thinking theme or expansion pack.

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  • I think Billy west should be one of next celebrity/voice actor on one of your future boxes.
    I seen his autograph selling at $20 so I'm sure he can lower it if he sign thousand of item for y'all.
    He made a lot of voicing acting from Doug to Futuram to Looney toons to ren & stimpy.
    Just a though you might want to follow up on .
    Thanks for reading this.
  • I really think a Mike Judge box or expansion would be amazing if you could swing it. King of the hill, beavis and butt head, office space, and so much more. So many cool things you could do with it.

  • How about a music themed box? You could theme it around an artist.. (Wu-Tang, Marilyn Manson), or just a genre. (Rock, Punk). Other than the Kiss comic, I don't think I've seen anything pertaining to music.
    • Killing joke vinyl

    • Ooooh, yes. Forgot that one.
  • Would love the top half of Robcops helmet with the scar along the right side signed by Peter Weller as an expansion. I would say his gun, but I'm sure that wouldn't ship, unless it was small enough. But it could actually be the pin and it has his hand holding it, but blown off on the end like how he lost it before he became robocop. With some type of amazing print of course.
  • One thing I would like to see is multiple autographs per month i.e. for X-Men get 2 to 4 different people to sign 1000 or 2000 autos each, and put a random one in the box.... perhaps even have a limited number (5 to 10) of better autos as low chance....
  • NO on Funko Pop's please!!!

    More Cartoons characters and franchise on future boxes! (Bob's Burger, Rick and Morty,Bojack Horseman,Archer,Futurama,Simpsons,South Park)

  • I would love to see a current TV Superhero/Comic themed box. Between The marvel Netflix shows, Agents of Shield, the Arrow-verse shows, Lucifer ,and Gotham; we are in a golden age of comic based TV shows. Autograph wise, some of co-starts on shows like Legends of Tomorrow or Supergirl might fall into the signing stipulations the Bam Box needs for availability and cost, people like Nick Zano (Citizen Steel), Michard Brooks (Jimmy Olsen) or Elden Henson( Foggy Nelson). Or possibly breaking up the box giving you multiple signers for the month, with each box being a mystery of which signer we get, and the occasional chase box containing multiple signers. The expansion could reflect a throwback to some earlier shows, like Lou Ferrigno or even someone like Linda Carter to go with our Lindsay Wagner auto.

    Another one I think allot of people would like would be a Star Wars month, with it being the 40th anniversary year. The pin options ,exclusive, and signers could range anywhere from the OT, prequels, stand alones, clone wars, rebels, etc. People like Time Rose (Admiral Ackbar), Jeremy Bulloch (Fett), Sam Witwer (animated maul), Dee Bradley Baker (Rex, Cody, etc.) are known multi-day signers at conventions (signing in the thousands). The expansion could easily be a more expensive/ more limited signer.

  • I have't looked through this thread to see what all has been recommended... But I just think that if it is possible to get a Guy Fawkes mask signed by Hugo Weaving would be crazy epic!!!

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