List of all artists in every bam box so far

I am looking for a list of all the artists that have been in a bam box.

Is there a list somewhere?

Looking to expand the scenery on my walls a little further and what better way than some prints from these awesome artists.

Any help is appreciated.

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  • After some helpful people here I can fill in some gaps.


    Jan- (Rick and Morty print) Mike Vasquez

    Feb- Nate Call (Merc print)

    March- Jae Lee (Superman vs Batman print)

    April- Chris Umingo (Joker print) 

    May- Rick Martin (Wolverine print)  (Charmander Pins)- unknown

    Jun- Rocky Davies (Slimer print) Pins-Nick Cocozza (Truffle Shuffle)

    July- Logan Pack (Thanos print)  Blake Henriksen (Lantern Print) Pins Nick Cocozza (Rocket &Groot)

    Aug- Jason Oakes (Harley print) Nathan Szerdy ( Harley Pin up) Bianka Thompson- (sketchup cards  Kelly Ferguson (Jim Carrey pins )

    Sep- Phil Guy (Beetlejuice pins)  Johnathon Adrian (Strange print) Mindy Wheeler (Gene Wilder print)

    Salt Lake city box  Nathan Call (Tauntaun, Vader crushing clock)

    Oct- John Branham (Jason Freddy print), (Chucky, Sam, Billy pin) Butch-O-Vision

    Oct - Horror expansion

    Nov- KC Day (Beavis Butthead print)  wizard of barge (Bobs Burgers print )Nick Cocozza (Southpark pins)

    Nov expansion (Famtastic 4 print) unknown ( Archer Pin) unknown 

    Dec-Brian Reedy (Galactic Samurai print) Nick Cocozza (Captain America pins) 

    December expansion- Logan Park (Nuff said print) 


    Jan- Rocky Davies (Battle Bros print) Chris Uminga (Eenie meenie print)  (Anniversary pardoy pin) unknown

    Feb- Josh Lamont (Celebrity Fightmatch print) (90s pins) unknown  

    Mar-  Jenny Parks (Old Cat Logan print) Create or Destroy (Heroes Pins)

    March expansion- Create or Die (Vorhees print)  (Horror Pins) unknown 

    Apr- Dave Perillo (Punisher Print)  (Sgt Kubukiman pin) unknown

    April expansion (Ninja Turtle pins) unknown

    May-Chris Garofalo (War of the world print)  (Buck rogers pin) unknown

    May Expansion - Game of thrones pin) unknown

    Jun- Tim Odland (Sloth Loves Chunk print) Nick Cocozza (Shaun of the dead pin)  Barret Biggers (ET print)

    June expansion- Brian Thies  (Punisher print)  

    • Butch-O-Vision did the pins for October's 2016 box. He does an incredible job.

    • Thank you.  Updated the list

    • I believe the Rick and Morty print was by Artist Mike Vasquez

    • Thanks.  It looks like you are right sir.  I updated the list.

  • Rick and morty / Dr who -
    Mercs - Nathan call
    Batman vs superman - Jae Lee
    Joker - Chris Uminga
    Wolverine -
    Slimer - Rocky Davies
    Lanterns -
    Thanos - logan pak
    Harley pin up - Nathan Szerdy
    Harley sketch - Jason oaks
    Strange - Jonathan Adrian
    Willy wonka - Mindy Wheeler
    Watching theme horror - John Branham
    Jason expansion -
    Bob's burgers - wizard of barge
    Rick and morty vs bevis and butthead - KC Day
    Famtastic 6 -
    Galactic samurai - Brian Reedy
    Nuff said - logan pak

    Vader - Nathan call
    Tauntaun - Nathan Call

    Negan - Chris Uminga
    Battle bros - Rocky Davies
    90's Fight posters - Josh Lamont
    Old cat logan - Jenny parks
    Hoder expansion - Create or Die
    Punisher - Dave Perillo
    War of the world's - Chris Garafalo
    Punisher expansion - Brian Thies
    Goonies - Tim Odland
    Batman expansion -
    Leather face expansion -
    July -

    Best I can do for you. I didn't start looking them up until a few weeks ago 

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