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Maybe work on getting some seals for our COA. Something a little more official looking than the rather generic black cards that can pretty much be applied to anything.

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COA idea

Can we make the COA's individualized for the autograph that they represent? The hockey puck COA was perfect. I would like to see that with the big ticket items like the batmobile or the Binder print for example.

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7 Replies · Reply by Dan Flood Mar 10


As long as there is a genuine celebrity autograph guaranteed in every box I am happy. I don;t really care for the box of gimmicks although the license plates have been cool. My biggest frustration is when there are no celebrity autographs. I do…

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1 Reply · Reply by Alex A Mar 2


It's simple in my opinion ... GO BACK TO BASICS. Bring back what made you guys you . Instant winner and single 1 Up cards . It made it feel special to get one . Sure it sucked when you didn't get it , but it was awesome when you finally did . Don't…

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16 Replies · Reply by mike park Mar 2