Hey guys, instead of sending a long email I went ahead and just shot a video so I could talk about the April box, some ideas for the future and the very soon coming change to our Community! 17 minutes, but check it out. Let's discuss some of what I talk about below!

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  • Awesome box, thanks guys! Cap does not sound too bad if you can figure out the occasional skip thing.

  • No to the cap limit that will be a really low move I believe because most people are subscribing for themes they like and me as well I don't want to get every single month if I think the theme will be of no interest to me.
    I can see it from your point of view though and it's a good move you get low and high months and can't predict how many items you will need so you get less profit when needing to do fire sales for the extra items if you get a bad month like April with 3000 boxes sold. And a cap will force some people to keep their subscription active because they might loose their spot.
    But towards the customers is bad business in my opinion.


    • Totally agree! That was my opinion as well!

  • Just got my Bad Blood box, did anyone else get shorted half of the items?

    I only received the Tyler Mane auto, and the Punisher print.

    Or is that standard and only a few got the bottle opener and the pin this month?

    • just got mine, i received the Tyler print, Punisher print, pin, and bottle opener so yes you need to complain.

    • No, that was definitely a mistake. Submit a ticket to bam customer service. They'll set you straight. They're really good about fixing stuff like that.

  • The old saying "We only hurt the ones we love," springs to mind while reading posts here quite often. Sometimes its good to take a step back and think about where someone is coming from even if you don't agree with their opinion. To me, that phrase means that only when you become emotionally invested in someone or something does it or that person achieve the power to actually hurt you. In other words you have to care to be hurt. The same goes with the anger people express here. They have to really like Bam to be emotionally invested enough to get angry and vent when the don't like something. In a lot of ways the "hate" spread here in the forums should be viewed as what it really is. A testament to how much this product connects with its consumers. People wouldn't get so terribly upset when the don't get a box they like if they didn't fall head over heels in love with the boxes they get that they do like. Sometimes anger is the sincerest form of flattery. I'm Dr. Steve Brule, and this message is for your health!

    • Best thing I've read all day. You nailed it. I don't understand why people get so angry and have a huge meltdown time after time and complain about how awful everything in a box is. That is what happens when you order these mystery boxes. I don't always like what I get in boxes but enjoy them anyway.

  • I've been hearing some very negative things about what people feel these changes mean and just wanted to share my feelings and experiences and concerns. I certainly don't have issues with box companies doing a limit cap of subscribers, especially if its for the improvement and betterment of a box. That being said, I don't think its fair to penalize people if they are unable to get a box sometimes for whatever reason. Hmmm...let me explain that better. I am only speaking for myself but I have a feeling some people will also fit into my scenario and identify themselves within this. Not everyone can always afford to put a lot of money out on boxes every month. Being on disability, after I am done paying bills and dealing with real life adult responsibilities, there isn't always much left for life's little enjoyments, so I have to be picky about certain boxes. And to solve that problem, I subscribe to my fave boxes for the month I love the certain themes and franchises. And if its something I don't like, I suspend or pause my boxes so I don't get stuff I like while giving up my spot that month to someone who will enjoy that theme. And then to say that someone isn't allowed to order the expansion pack if someone hasn't been subbed to Bam Box for a certain amount of time is total BS. There again with people's life circumstances...maybe they don't like the box theme but the expansion pack is more to their suited tastes and they can't afford both, so I find that a bit unfair to dismiss a person over something like that. Saying to them sorry, you aren't good enough to buy said item because you can't afford both...its a slap in the face, especially to those who enjoy this box but can't afford it all the time. While Bam Box isn't my fave sub box just cause its so art/print heavy, they still have done boxes I really enjoyed and was stoked to be able to get the ones that I have with items I've loved. For the type of box that it is, they've done well and I've felt bad for a lot of hate they've gotten for no reason in the past. And I've definitely been a supporter of the box while going through that. I am also definitely a big supporter of any box that cares about its fans, engages with them almost on a daily basis on more of a friend level than a business level and cares about making their boxes better, not bigger. But if making boxes better includes alienating part of their fan base because someone can't afford a box every single month for whatever reason and doesn't want to waste money on a box with a theme/franchises they don't like isn't something that sets well with myself and others in similar situations. Like I said, just a tad unfair...but hey, life ain't fair and that's how that goes. But I wouldn't support a company who treats their fans like that either. And if that is the direction of Bam Box, then au revoir. Bam Box isn't the only box that has signed items, as I sub to another from time to time who does a fantastic job of offering signed items and some excellent licensed products and I've never been disappointed in a single one of their boxes. The unboxing world has a lot of box choices out there to choose from to fit whatever niche a person might enjoy. I don't see any box as competition with other boxes, I see it as we all have choices from many available boxes to suit someone's interests. But however this ends up playing out, I only wish the best for Bam Box. They do a right decent box most of the time and I think they get a lot of uncalled for hate. They are the only box who at least has its own community where fans can engage and help each other out getting items they want...I myself got the Jason pin and signed horror print that I didn't get in my Oct 2016 box (though still struggling to get the Billy pin has been a nightmare). As Adam can't please everyone or make everyone happy, especially when changed is involved. But that's all just my two cents. Only wish Bam Box the best and screw the haters and trolls, its not deserved.

  • 100% for the 5k limit of subscribers as long as I dont lose mine. I have tried several other monthly boxes out there and have yet to find one as rewarding as bambox. I plan to keep my subscription for as long as you guys are here.
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